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Because of a global war in the supermarkets, we come back to be with  you …. this time we come back with a loaded backpack which is full of food to survive ; the nature send us a message and we have to have the responsability of being caring people to link to the challenge that it send us  #QuedateenCasa #Restareacasa #Stayathome

Because of watching a video about an italian psycologist, we decided to write it in the blog 😉 to raise awareness . If you re bored , read it ¡

The climate change has arrived to a worried level due to natural disasters .

A new global pandemic emerges … and we become in discriminatory people living a society which is based on the productivity & consumption . Everybody runs without resting .

Firstly, China ( the big world`s major power ) and later…. the rest of countries . The economy falls down but the air`s quality is better, we use masks and continue to breathe .

In this period of time, let s go to think at home ; it s time of working at home ( many people already know ) because of a mandatory stop .

Coronavirus makes us reflect on …. removes the true proximity so that we realize «we live in a virtual life» .


A clear message : TOGETHER are STRONGER . Born again and again within ourselves the feeling of helping 😉

?? #pararlacurva

Responsability because we aren t on holidays . The universe knows how to do the things returning the balance to the things .

We hope that this post is to raise awareness to everybody .

The team of Job Heart & Life .







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