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One week more we re loading your conscience through «raise awareness» and this time, we re doing it through the element » water» . Why? Because we re water and it s important to live into the nature which is my awareness ‘ temple . It represents to a place so that your person brights.

Walking on sand feeling the sea water while the wounds are healed by the saltwater… walking on hearth, feeling the river water… don t get stuck like the swamp water . Listen to the noise of birds because in that noise you ll find to » yourself» with the FAITH of God together with the patience to come to light .

Connect to the nature travelling through it and if your sons do it with you, it ll be much better . Why? to learn the values of life .

Keep calm your mind through water. Let us forget the mobile phone and submerge us with a goal – achieve the inner calm . The mobile phone sells smoke . Our mind burns up . The relationships turn off …

Here, «the sacred waters of Ganges» like healing process … enjoy us a trip around this country ¡

India waits for us . 

Take care the outer & inner of ourselves , everything is one .


Varanasí , where the magic of Varanasí comes from ? 

From the names of rivers Varuna & Así which are tributaries of Ganges. Ganges is the most sacred river for the hindúes people …that river bathes the city giving it a healing power .

That retirement place in search of refuge in «Temples of the city» for waiting to the death with inner peace .

How can we travel to India ? 

In this link the answer is 😉 https://www.instagram.com/tuviajealacarta.es/

Your organised tailor-made travels with heart and her know-how , experience .

Open a window to a better world through my heart into » one-to-one»  .

The water.

The calmness of our soul with the water , a perfect mix between : oxygen & hydrogen. Without it we can t live because the water is into our body , we are 65%-75% water. 65% is our cells and the rest of water goes through our blood. We need to collect energy in the body through the water .

The calm can come from the most simple thing :

To watch a lake of sculptures showing the female of a woman .

To see your own reflection in the water . Ask yourself : do you like it ?

Being like the river , constantly on move. Life is a river .


Swamp’s water . 

The rain falls from the clouds to feed a swamp. In that way, we can live . The nature wakes up in search of sun in that water which is get stucked.











From a swamp to a big sea . The sea & our brain . 

Disconnect from our inner chaos to give us a calm & well-being feeling . The routine days out .

With the waves’ sound reach us a meditative super conscious state .

Our creativity is on fire because we don t think and our mind flows .

We have a maximum admiration when we see the vastness of the sea .

Finally , Our cognitive development is improved because of the positive and negative ions; the positive ions drain us all of energy when the negative ions ( commons in the sea area) give us an activation state .

0 stress with this video 😉



Thanks for your reading . See you soon .

Luis Javier González Sanz & Beatriz Martínez del hoyo.




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